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Better Connectivity for Your Next Remote Construction Site

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Secure telecommunications infrastructure for remote, civil construction works is too often overlooked. Rising Connection delivers reliability and profitability.

Contracts are signed, equipment is leased, workers are hired, and it’s all systems go. But what about communications and connectivity? Will workers’ mobile phones work on the site? How will the project’s daily plans be sent from the site office to the head office?

Such issues are generally not top of mind when assembling the staff and resources for a remote civil or private construction project. However, a lack of secure, reliable voice and data connectivity can lead to confusion, downtime, a reduction in productivity, and even a loss of revenues.

Rising Connection offers a range of solutions to help connect Australian construction companies to fast and reliable internet, in locations where the off-the-shelf products provided by the regular service providers simply cannot deliver.

Rising Connection works with companies that understand the value of investing in technology solutions that provide them with the network access that not only meets their basic needs on a project but makes a much stronger impact than they previously imagined.

The Need for Remote Connectivity

Remote construction sites are often located far from wireless access points. And if they are, the remote team needs to be sure that all voice and data connections can take place quickly and securely.

Worksites vary in size and scope. Rising Connection understands the importance of having quality mobile coverage for all types of environments, including those that are indoor, outdoor, and even underground. Subcontractors need a trustworthy, reliable system to entice and satisfy the best teams available to work at the site for the duration of the project.

“Communications often get missed,” notes Marcus Dowling, founder and managing director of Rising Connection. “And there’s a reason communications is critical: it’s how we all talk to each other.”

Today, talking is not limited merely to voice calls: there has been an increase in video conferencing. Remote teams need a solution that enables them to jump on voice or video calls regardless of the number of participants.

Further, construction teams also need to access cloud-based services and software, such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Large files, such as high-resolution plans, maps, photos, and drawings, often need to be shared reliably, quickly, and frequently throughout the day.

How Rising Connection Works with Clients

A single mobile connectivity solution is not a one-size-fits-all for all construction sites. Rising Connection works intensively with customers long before any equipment is installed on-site to develop the most agile solution possible.

Worker Requirements

The company first scopes out the client’s requirements, notably just how much connectivity is needed. This is based on how many workers will be on-site, for how long, and how frequently they will need to communicate, which is usually measured in gigabytes of data (i.e., 20GB – 300GB / month for 30 workers).

Site Environment

Rising Connection also requests as much detail about the site environment. This includes the size of the area, how much of it is indoor, outdoor, or underground, weather patterns/seasonality, and any other unique aspects of the terrain.

Diversity of connectivity

This includes the number and types of devices used on site, and the expected volume and type of communications that will be used (i.e. voice and data).

Potential interference

Rising Connection is also interested to know if there may be possible interference at the site, such as radios, high power lines, or whether the construction site needs to be moved regularly.
Strong Partnerships in Place

Rising Connection doesn’t do it alone. The company’s partnership with Peplink/Pepwave allows it to quickly establish a holistic connectivity solution in even the most remotely located work sites.

Construction companies and their contractors do not need to make separate arrangements with local telecos & carriers to ensure connectivity at a worksite; Rising Connection offers services handling everything end to end, including ongoing support and maintenance.

The Importance of Carrier Redundancy

Reliable connectivity for voice communications is only one side of the story. Remote construction projects need to be sure that any data needing to be transmitted or received from off-site locations is reliable and secure, with zero loss. To avoid the risk and expense of system outages and downtime, Rising Connection ensures that your communications and operations keep flowing with backup or redundant networks.

Quality and Enterprise-Grade Solutions

In a fix, a lot of companies will simply rely on their personal phones, tablets, and laptops at a work site. Or, they may simply buy a modem at an electronics store.

However, cutting corners by using consumer connectivity solutions and the default systems supplied by the carriers almost always leads to disappointment.

Civil engineering companies do not need to be at the mercy of the traditional network providers. Rising Connection can provide enterprise-grade, secure, and redundant networking services that are fully operational before the worksite is occupied with staff. Rising Connection tests the viability of the set-up long before workers show up to ensure that everything is working smoothly.

ROI for the Business

Poor connectivity should not prevent workers from doing their jobs. Solutions from Rising Connection deliver ROI based on the following.

Time Savings

Part of the entire project management, establishing connectivity is built into the timeline of every project Rising Connection takes on. Building the network is not an afterthought; clients are assured that connectivity is installed, tested, and ready to go before the first employee reaches the construction site.

Managing and maintaining the timeline for implementing wireless connectivity is the single biggest pain point civil engineering clients share with Rising Connection,” notes Dowling.

Cost Savings

To achieve business grade connectivity, clients are often pleasantly surprised at the cost effective options to create temporary, remote connectivity compared to the hassle and cost of having to install bulky, permanent hardware, or the option of installing dedicated fibre at construction sites that can be prone to damage and need to be relocated.

In many contracts, local and state governments issue penalties when projects experience overruns. The solutions provided by Rising Connection are intended to reduce delays due to the reliability of network connectivity. These solutions are installed and can be removed within the project timeframe; construction companies can enjoy additional cost savings because they have the right networks related to connectivity for their business.

Higher Productivity

Workers and management can use their devices and carry out their daily tasks at a worksite without disruption or downtime. Any data that needs to be transferred securely between the remote site and other offices can be shared seamlessly, without risk of misuse or compromise.

As another benefit of higher productivity, there is also increased workplace safety. Workers need not worry about the dangers of complex wiring on-site; they also do not need to move about the worksite to find stronger wireless signals.

Strengthened Relationships

Civil contractors for roads, bridges, railways, water, electricity, and remediation works want to demonstrate their ability to deliver success, which can lead to additional assignments. Working with Rising Connection also enables construction companies to demonstrate compliance with data privacy laws, which are often a requirement when working with local, state, or federal governments.

Partnering with Rising Connection helps civil contractors strengthen their relationships with governments and helps them drive future projects and revenues.

We saved enough resources with the systems developed with Rising Connection Pty Ltd and Peplink/Pepwave to save the costs of an entire IT team member. Rather than having to lay a team member off, we were able to refocus those savings and new resources available to develop other key business development and support requirements to justify adding several team members.”
– Georgiou Group

If you have a remote construction site coming up for your next civil project, why not have an obligation free chat with Rising Connection on 02 8003 7478 to discuss your options.

The team at Rising Connection went to amazing lengths to help understand the challenges and find a solution for us to use, we look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow

Hugh & Sean

Off Grid Energy Australia

Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time

Allan Dall

NSW General Manager, Barden Produce