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Your Onboard Online Experience Transformed!

Out at sea, access to the internet may be unreliable, patchy, or simply non-existent. Thanks to Rising Connection, crews can now safely operate and maintain their ship’s technology, while onboard guests can stream, download and enjoy online content to their heart’s content!

Our clients in the maritime industry require high-quality internet to carry out their everyday operations and provide a superior experience to their guests.

Cruise ships and other vessels operating in the commercial maritime industry rely on our services for a variety of reasons:

Communication with shore-based headquarters, vessel tracking, fuel, and stock management, navigation and crew reports

Managing online booking systems for onboard activities, taking orders, and processing payment via PoS

Providing guest network services for clients and customers to improve their online experience and keep up with the demand for premium bandwidth
A lack of connectivity means businesses based at sea, such as luxury cruise ships, cannot function effectively or compete with other companies who do offer a higher quality of service.

Serving The Maritime Industry Throughout The Oceania Region

Our high-performing network provision is available across Australian waters and further afield. We are Australia’s specialists in enabling a high-quality connection from dynamic and variable remote locations through the use of leading-edge technology and a team of experienced, expert technicians.


Here are four unbeatable benefits of working with Rising Connection:

Ready-To-Use Systems:

We supply complete turnkey vessel networks that are automated to choose the most suitable network and backhaul connections (such as Satellite, LTE, Marina Wi-Fi & other services), smoothing out network errors and improving VoIP and Video experiences.

Downtime Prevention:

We provide a resilient network connection that withstands the difficulties of a moving vessel to support your PoS system and other business-critical operations. The risk of downtime is minimised with our Active Failover setup, so you’re always online.

Bespoke Service:

Rising Connection works with your business to design a tailor-made solution to meet your specific requirements. As a managed service provider, we take on the responsibility of looking after your network connection, so you can focus on looking after your ship, crew, and guests.

Maximised Speed and Bandwidth:

Your customers expect a premium service: to be able to work and relax from their cabin, conduct video conferences, and stream entertainment. With Rising Connection, your crew and guests can enjoy fast internet throughout your vessel, with easy access to online content even with heavy use.


Maritime Solution

Supercharging your Maritime Connectivity

Pain Points

Lack of Network Availability

The seas are unstable environments for connectivity, where network availability and its speeds vary and depend on location

High Connection Costs

As high bandwidth is often needed, the available connections at sea are costly

Limited Coverage

Vessels occasionally cross borders and may need to change service providers frequently
Maritime Solution In Rising Connection

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Ready To Come Onboard With Rising Connection?

Let Rising Connection become your partner in connectivity! We’re committed to providing high-quality service at all times so that you can do the same for your customers. Our expert team is ready to discuss your needs and bring your business into the 21st century. Complete the contact form below or call us on 1300 037 478 to arrange a no-obligation conversation.