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Integrated Remote Power Solution

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Reliable and efficient power provision is a non-negotiable for any business operation in the 21st century. From managing a water pump on a farm to providing remote power for radio and telecommunication services, none of this is possible without access to power.

In a digital world, communication is key, and a lack of access to cost-effective, reliable power for radio and telecommunications services can be devastating to a business.

For sites located in remote or rural areas this can be problematic, as issues with supply can make the cost of power prohibitive. Remote locations may also be vulnerable to poor weather conditions affecting power supply and vandalism or theft of generators or other energy solutions.

Fortunately, Rising Connection’s integrated remote power solution can solve the issue of poor access to power for radio and telecommunication services.

What Is The Rising Connection Integrated Remote Power Solution?

Almost all areas of Australia enjoy high levels of sunshine compared to other places in the world. Our remote power solution utilises the sun’s power through solar technology to provide reliable, cost-effective energy where and when you need it.

Our solution is more than a basic solar power system. We use leading edge integrated components in the alternative energy market to deliver reliable and remotely managed power and network services for sites across Australia.

We cater to sites located in the remote outback and ensure they have reliable and consistent power and telecommunication services available to them all year round.

Rising Connection customers benefit from the following solutions:

A cost-effective, remotely monitored power service:

This can be balanced with other available fuel options for redundancy to ensure minimal risk of downtime to keep your essential services running and your telecommunications system operational at all times.

A range of reliable, high-capacity battery options:

Make the most of the sunshine all the time, and store unused energy for periods of poor weather.

Protection against damage or theft:

We provide a secure, hardened enclosure installed in a manner to protect your investment.

Bespoke Solutions For Your Business

Rising Connection offers a bespoke design and consultation service to provide a unique remote power solution tailored to your needs. If you’re located in rural Australia and you’re frustrated by the limitations of the existing energy options available to you, we can help.

Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your needs and our range of cost-effective, efficient and reliable solutions. Complete the contact form below now or call us on 1300 037 478 to arrange a no-obligation conversation.

The team at Rising Connection went to amazing lengths to help understand the challenges and find a solution for us to use, we look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow

Hugh & Sean

Off Grid Energy Australia

Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time

Allan Dall

NSW General Manager, Barden Produce