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Broadcasting and Media 1 Mobile and internet coverage solution Carlton Rising Connection

Delivering High-Speed, High-Quality Connections

As a 21st century broadcasting or media business, almost every aspect of your work relies on the internet. Therefore, a robust network connection with high bandwidth and super fast speed capacity is essential for everything from live, on location news broadcasts to sending and receiving large video and audio files.

The cost and effort required in setting up and maintaining a satellite connection can be prohibitive. When you deploy at short notice in a variety of locations, often in rural or remote areas of Australia, you need a cost-effective service that’s capable of providing a dynamic connection without compromising quality.

Fortunately, Rising Connection has a team of expert consultants in high-performance wired and wireless connections, with a wide range of solutions available to suit your specific requirements.

Here are just a few examples of the many reasons organisations in the media and broadcasting sectors may need a good internet connection:

News broadcasts:

broadcasting from changing locations, communication with main studio and streaming of data

Live event coverage:

sporting events or ongoing situations requiring live updates

Film industry:

sending rushes to the production studio and a live feed from the camera to editors to maximise filming time.

A lack of connectivity means live news broadcasts cannot happen, filming takes far longer, and efficiency is poor. For the film and media industry in this digital age, losing time can mean a significant financial loss.
Broadcasting and Media Mobile and internet coverage solution Carlton Rising Connection

Serving The Broadcasting & Film Industry Across Australia

Our high-performing wired and wireless network provision is available wherever you are, whether on location or in the studio. Rising Connection is committed to supporting you in providing a high-quality experience for your team, viewers, and listeners. We are a managed service provider, meaning you can get on with running your business without the worry of an unreliable connection, ensuring your online operations run without a hitch.

Here are four unbeatable benefits of working with Rising Connection:

Complete Support:

From managing integration with your current systems to making recommendations to ensure your business’s future success, we work with you to maintain optimum connectivity at all times.

Downtime Prevention:

We provide a resilient network connection to support all your business-critical operations. The risk of downtime is minimised with our Active Failover setup, so you’re always online.

Bespoke Service:

Rising Connection works with your business to design a tailor-made solution to meet your specific requirements.

Maximised Speed and Bandwidth:

You can benefit from fast internet at all times, with easy access to streaming and sending of large files, even with heavy use.


Broadcasting Solution

Supercharging your Broadcasting Connectivity

Pain Points

Frequent Changes in Location & Setup

Users need a comprehensive, simple, and secure solution to cater to various scenarios

Lack of Bandwidth

Constant uptime is needed for streaming, but performance varies on the location, with some not having enough bandwidth

Need for Wi-Fi

On top of getting a network online, it also needs to be able to provide Wi-Fi to many onsite devices
Broadcasting Solution in Rising Connection

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Bring Your Business Into The 21st Century

Are you ready to stop relying on patchy mobile phone signals and dropping connections due to congested networks? With Rising Connection, you can improve your business operations and enhance your online experience with a high-quality internet connection that you can rely on. Our expert team is ready to discuss your needs.

Complete the contact form below or call us on 1300 037 478 to arrange a no-obligation conversation.