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Rising Connection aims to provide businesses with wireless electronic solutions for all your commercial requirements. For this, we supply a range of high-quality routers and repeaters that utilise mobile technologies for a variety of purposes including:

  • High-speed internet access for remote or moving locations like boats or moving vehicles – where ADSL, cable or fibre channels are not feasible.
  • Indoor mobile coverage – improved signal strength throughout the building through repeaters approved by major providers.
  • Secure machine-to-machine communications – both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint.
  • Industrial deployments in extreme environments – suitable for rugged outdoor conditions including high temperatures or vibration.

These devices use the advanced wireless networks from various telecommunication carriers for achieving connectivity and allowing you to connect multiple wireless (or wired) devices. They provide both primary and back-up connectivity to deliver a reliable communication channel, whether for remote monitoring, analysis or diagnostics and control.

At Rising Connection we choose primarily Australian designed devices though look for the best product for a situation that is suitable for the tough and varied environments of Australia – ensuring reliability, security and good-quality product support. These devices are suitable for both home and commercial applications, and because multiple users can share the data bundle on these routers, and connect to the network simultaneously, they are cost-effective solutions for businesses on limited budgets.

Please view our product range in these selected categories:

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The team at Rising Connection went to amazing lengths to help understand the challenges and find a solution for us to use, we look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow

Hugh & Sean

Off Grid Energy Australia

Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time

Allan Dall

NSW General Manager, Barden Produce