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Maintaining Critical Communications

Rising Connection Watchtower

Rising Connection Company Details

Company Name

Rising Connection Pty Ltd


PO Box 4107 Carlton NSW 2218


Marcus Dowling




50 161 068 042



Major Clients of Rising Connection

Major Clients of Rising Connection

Industries Served by Rising Connection

Industries Served by Rising Connection

Government Sectors

Oil, Gas & Energy
IT & Communications

Enjoy Fast, Secure and Reliable Connectivity from
Australia’s Most Trusted Integrators


Rising Connection Products and Services

Rising Connection Products and Services
Rising Connection aims to provide businesses with wireless electronic solutions for all client commercial wireless networking requirements. For this, we supply a range of high-quality equipment that utilises technologies for a variety of purposes including:

Indoor mobile coverage – improved signal strength throughout the building through mobile repeaters approved by major telecommunication providers.

High-speed Internet access for remote or moving locations like boats and other moving vehicles where NBN or fibre channels are not feasible.
Secure machine-to-machine communications – both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint.
These devices use the advanced wireless networks from various telecommunication carriers for achieving connectivity and allowing you to connect multiple wireless (or wired) services. They provide both primary, backup and out-of-band management connectivity to deliver a reliable communications channel, whether for remote monitoring, analysis, or diagnostics & control.

Core Competencies of Rising Connection

A decade of installation experience
Successful implementation of our chosen best-of-breed technologies
Able to install resilient systems in some of the harshest environments across Australia
Installations spanning across many remote regional locations
Installations in the tallest skyscrapers in the heart of our capital cities
Proficient at resolving poor mobile coverage issues
Experienced at resolving complex networking connectivity issues
Experts at implementing ‘’signal bonding’’ technologies
Specialists in implementing close to zero-packet- loss resilient networks

Rising Connection Challenging Scenarios

A shipping container on a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef
A remote mining site kilometres away from the nearest telecommunications tower
A temporary construction site requiring a reliable Internet link for six months
A medical firm whose premises resembles a ‘concrete bunker’ with zero mobile coverage
A ship travelling to Vanuatu utilising satellite links
A heritage building in a large campus of a growing school in Regional Australia
Inside a credenza in the boardroom of a mining company near Circular Quay
A watchtower in a remote bushfire prone area
A moving vehicle acting as the Mobile Incident Command Centre (MICC) truck responding to the floods at Lismore NSW
In the event of a disaster, you have DIMINISHED resources with HEIGHTENED requirements. Rising Connection Pty Ltd is the industry specialist that telecommunication providers call on when every one else have failed in designing and installing innovative solutions that help businesses and government entities maintain their critical communications.