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Rising Connection | Sydney’s Premium Remote Access Service Provider

Wireless Solutions for System Integrators

The very best System Integrators know that their reputations depend on the reliability and optimal uptime of the systems they provide to their clients.  We understand this – and what’s more, our goal is to help you to grow that reputation, by delivering high-level solutions that help you to:

  • Have your integrated systems in the best running state possible – giving you, and your customers, peace of mind
  • Take a proactive, preventative approach – you can learn of potential issues before they escalate to become problems
  • Provide specialist support to your customers, teams and supervisors – so that even in isolated locations
    they can be confident of receiving the support of experts


How do we do this?

At Rising Connection we have combined state-of-the-art equipment and software toolsets needed by System Integrators.  Our ‘Plug & Play’ corporate grade packages give you the flexibility to deliver a better customer experience, and will free up your time – time that you can spend on growing your business further – or something you love doing.

By providing remote support and wireless access capabilities we help our System Integrators to meet the evolving needs of their corporate clients. Through our packaged systems and services we are able to ensure superb support services while using best practices in securing the data communication environment.


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Rising Connection provides remote support and wireless access capabilities that helps our System Integrators to meet the evolving needs of their corporate clients. Learn more…

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