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Access Port Sleeve

The Silvus SL421O (Stream caster Lite) is a compact, narrowband radio designed for applications where smaller size and lower operating bandwidths are beneficial compared to the larger StreamCaster SC Radios in the Silvus range. Together, the range enables critical mobile communication and data network requirements for every kind of deployment on land, at sea, and in the air.


TheSL4210 APS was developed in Australia as an accessory to the existing Silvus SL 4210 MN-MIMO mesh radio. Together they form a lightweight, portable device combining long range mesh and dual band WiFi technologies with a 15 hour battery life and precision GPS.

Combined with a suitable backhaul such as a cellular modem in a vehicle or drop case, or a remote satcoms terminal, the resultant mobile WiFi Access Point can extend P25 and mobile device connectivity into previously unreachable or compromised areas, providing critical, voice, video and data communications where no other solution exists.

The Silvus mesh can interconnect multiple nodes at kilometres distance and in severely compromised areas such as ship holds, tunnels, underground car parks and remote wilderness areas. This military-grade capability allows users to easily connect smart devices, sensors, cameras and WiFi-enabled voice radios (such as modern P25 radios) in environments that defeat conventional radio and cellular communications.


Simple to use – a single on/ off switch and green light “ready” indicator.
• Portable, can be clipped to a belt or slipped in a pocket.
• IP67 rated.
• Hot swap external battery can be charged directly from vehicle power ( 12-32V).
• Unit can be powered directly from external power (9-32V).
• USB connectivity for peripherals (Bluetooth, ethernet, serial…).
• Quickly forms a true IP network for high bandwidth, bi-directional data flow.
• Data rate up to 20 Mbps, optional extension to 100 Mbps.
• Military-grade mesh allows connection of 100s of nodes simultaneously, in a single area or interconnected
across states and even countries.
• Range in excess of 10km between SL4210 nodes – 1Os of kilometres with antenna adapters or when operating with
direct interface to existing aircraft and communications systems with 150km+ ranges.
• State of the art Silvus MN-MIMO COFDM mesh system- a full member of the current Silvus mesh ecosystem.
• Inbuilt high precision GPS and mapping system shows dynamic location of all nodes


• Mobile WiFI Access Point extends P25and mobile device connectivity into unreachable areas, providing critical voice, video and data communications where no other solution exists.
• Military-grade mesh allows hundreds of nodes to be connected simultaneously.
• Forms true multiport layer 2 network with additional advanced network management, multicast, VLAN and traffic prioritisation tools.
• Portable, waterproof and easy to use.
• Designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions.


• Waveform: Mobile Networked MIMO (MN-MIMO)
• Encryption: DES56(Standard) AES256(Optional)
• Data Rate: Up to 20Mbps (Adaptive)
• MIMO Techniques: Spatial Multiplexing, Space-Time Coding, TX/RX Eigen Beamforming
• Output Power: 1mW – 1W variable (up to 2W effective w/TX Beamforming)
• Latency: 28ms average (5MHz BW)
• Sensitivity: -105dBm@ 1.25MHz BW
• Channel Bandwidth: 1.25, 2.5 or 5MHz
• Diagnostics: Spectrum Scanning, Statistics Logging, Temperature/Voltage Monitoring

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