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What challenge or problem were you facing before engaging Rising Connection?

We were opening a new site at the time and we were having trouble getting an internet connection from the telco providers. And time was getting close and we had to open our site. And I found Marcus and spoke to him on the phone and he was very helpful and came down and helped us out with a 4G router to get our site up and running, which worked out fantastically well for us in the end, because it was another three or four weeks before the telcos could get us an internet connection. So we were able to open our site on time and function normally through a 4G connection, which was a great result.

What are things like now, what is different, what has changed (for the better)?

We are very dependent on stable internet connections because a lot of our services are cloud-based. So a stable internet connection is really important. We’ve actually been using Rising Connection to roll out some technologies to all of our sites, which give us NBN with 4G backups so that our downtime is virtually zero. And it’s worked really well. We’ve got central oversight and remote monitoring of them, of all the connections. So it’s been a really big advantage to our business because we’re spread out right across the country.

What did you find the most enjoyable/interesting part about working with Rising Connection?

For me, it’s the personalised service. I always like to deal with people, not organisations. And I’ve always found Marcus to be incredibly helpful, very responsive when we need him. And he’s more than willing to drop everything and help you out in an emergency. So I always like to deal with people rather than organisations.

Would you recommend Rising Connection to other companies?

Yeah, absolutely. I’d have no problem. And in fact, I have recommended Marcus and Rising Connection to other people who are looking for similar solutions because their service is great. Yeah, I would have no hesitation in recommending them whatsoever.

Andrew Hungerford

Andrew Hungerford

State Manager - Bluefit Group

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The team at Rising Connection went to amazing lengths to help understand the challenges and find a solution for us to use, we look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow

Hugh & Sean

Off Grid Energy Australia

Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time

Allan Dall

NSW General Manager, Barden Produce