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Engineered Scalable Mobile Coverage Solutions

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Managed Solution Ensures Superior Connectivity
Regardless of Local Carrier Services,
Australia and Worldwide

Engineered Scalable Mobile Coverage Solutions In Rising Connection

Rising Connection provides carrier-agnostic telecommunication connectivity solutions combining multiple Australian mobile carriers into a single managed and licensed solution. We enable our customers to receive the highest possible connectivity regardless of the limitations of carrier services in the area.

The Communications Challenge

The Communications Challenge In Rising Connection

Australia is a country of contrasts, from isolated regions and rural areas to large cities full of tall buildings. Getting fast and reliable network coverage can be challenging for many reasons.

Despite the coverage of the three leading carriers in Australia being better than ever, remote locations, surrounding hills and other geographical factors mean that mobile phone coverage and network connectivity are often adversely affected. Where there is little or no connectivity possible (such as in highly remote areas and at sea), suitable network and backhaul connections (such as Satellite, LTE, Marina Wi-Fi & other services) are required.

Rising Connection works with clients across many sectors, including Security Surveillance, Emergency Services, Media, Marine, Engineering, Construction, Mining and Industrial industries, all of which require a fast, secure and unbreakable connection.

Rising Connection’s Solution

Rising Connection’s Solution In Rising Connection

Our team started by assessing the available options in the market to help improve mobile/cellular signal coverage availability. Opportunities outside of a licensed carrier full-scale DAS have limits for various reasons, more so in Australia than almost anywhere else in the world. This challenge made the Rising Connection team more interested in seeking the necessary resources and services to find a suitable solution.

Businesses, industries and organisations alike needed a solution without the delays and expense of having a new cell tower built or Carrier Grade DAS provisioned. They needed something professional, resilient and functional that, once deployed, would appear to operate seamlessly within the customer environment.

We chose vital components with the solution infrastructure and system management equipment from Nextivity combined with additional services for remotely monitoring and maintaining the deployments. The recent evolution of the solution has seen it advance to support the growing 5G market.

Rising Connection works closely with one of our trusted partners, Paul DiBerardino of Proeye Security & Communications. The combined team merged multiple sources and providers into a single resilient mobile network repeater service designed for Australia’s varied and diverse industries and environments. The methodology takes advantage of better-than-best technologies, including the equipment supplied to the locations and the remote monitoring and support of the deployment.

The Result

The Results In Rising Connection
The Results In Rising Connection

The Result

Rising Connection’s solution ensures that a uniform methodology can be applied in any situation or location required. We allow our clients the highest possible connectivity and the broadest options yet still provide a familiar site interface with no special setting or required software installed on user devices.

Within Australia’s harsh environment, we enable solutions for essential services, emergency services, and first responders, ensuring robust, fault-tolerant communications and data connectivity necessary to their performance. We provide fully privatised and secured network channels for sensitive information sharing to all vested partners. Finally, we are exceptional in enabling and scaling new and existing networks to the performance requirements of each program or project effortlessly and reliably.

What is Next?

Rising Connection looks forward to the continued empowering of the services we provide to our clients and sharing a long-term commitment to the positive outcomes our solutions have enabled.

Part of our evolving approach to designing and implementing solutions for harsh environments or sites with difficult-to-access terrain includes making our system components ‘flatpackable’. This meant that suitable installers nationwide could complete most of the deployment with the assistance of remote support from Rising Connection integrators and solution architects.

Our Project Partners and Suppliers

Rising Connection worked with the following professionally selected businesses and organisations:

Our Project Partners And Suppliers In Rising Connection

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