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Essential Services and Communities get Early Warning of Bushfires with AI Surveillance Solutions

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Remote Connectivity for Surveillance, Security, Bushfire Detection and Telecommunication Services

One Tree Hill Watchtower
A new surveillance system using Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Monitoring is helping to protect this great land. The unique precious vegetation, wildlife and communities are watched over in some of the most remote parts of Australia by solutions contributing to the early and accurate detection of bushfires, grassfires and wildfires before they spread.

The Communications Challenge

Communication Challenge - Mount Coree Watchtower
Australia’s harsh climate and rural landscape mean that large areas of the country are prone to bushfires, which can spread rapidly and become difficult to manage in a very short space of time.

Many of the country’s most remote areas are looked after by organisations such as National Parks, which encompasses a partnership of state-based forestry, private-based forestry, and the Rural Fire Service.

Almost all rural and emergency response organisations are experiencing problems due to a lack of situational awareness of fires starting in their locality. Without gaining early warning of risks nor being able to pre-empt fires, significant damage and loss of wildlife becomes inevitable.

Rising Connection’s Solution

Mount Coree Watchtower
We applied our in-house developed methodologies and patented solutions to assess, design, integrate, test, reassess and develop appropriate solutions for these situations. Rising Connection managed and coordinated the deployment and installation of the solutions, working closely with other vendors to integrate with third-party services and achieve optimum results for the client.

We used a selection of cameras from Axis Communications and Robotics Cats, networking hardware from Peplink|Pepwave and Cambium Networks, professional antennas from Telco Antenna, solar solutions from Victron Energy, as well as customised software solutions for the monitoring and capturing of data using high-capacity data centres such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Engine.

As a result of these collaborations, Rising Connection deployed surveillance systems to capture the information needed to detect bushfires and potential fire risks. Due to the solution’s integration with artificial intelligence, these systems provide accurate real-time location information with situational awareness without physically attending watchtowers.

The Result

Mount Coree Watchtower
The clients receive a professionally developed, deployed and monitored solution to meet their unique needs. The resulting bushfire detection systems can integrate with additional high-end services that work with artificial intelligence to detect bushfires at the earliest opportunity and alert the relevant local authorities or services.

Rising Connection’s solutions enable our clients to have an automated video wall to monitor situations and receive real-time alerts of detected risks. These professional systems can support access from multiple agencies, including commercial, government, education and public services.

Many bushfire watchtowers have had installed bushfire detection solutions that are physically visible to the public, accessible via bush trails to locations like Mount Coree (the starting point for the survey to the ACT boundary) and One Tree Hill. Three of the four sites are on the shared state boundary of the ACT & NSW, allowing an expanded service beyond the project’s initial scope.

What’s Next

Rising Connection worked with their clients to look after the ongoing operation of the surveillance systems, ensuring that it is always fully optimised, connected and functioning correctly.
Kowan Forest Watchtower
Many organisations benefit from our bushfire detection solutions can now receive alerts and warnings of any bushfire or potential threat to the safety and security of the wildlife and environment, even in remote and rural locations. This information enables them to respond proactively, minimising and preventing avoidable damage or loss.

Rising Connection is working with other organisations to implement a similar solution in additional locations. Rising Connection was one of four successful finalists in the ACOMM Awards 2021 out of over 100 entries for our communications solutions, further demonstrating the impact of this ground-breaking system on the environment across Australia.

Kowan Forest Watchtower
Solutions from Rising Connection empower any organisation or rural property owners who need to protect their assets, land and properties at risk from bushfires, grassfires and wildfires or other environmental threats. Rising Connection has the intellectual property, experience and infrastructure to scope, design, deploy and manage the solution across multiple vendors, technologies and platforms.

Locations deployed in the ACT, Australia

One Tree Hill Watchtower

Kowan Forest Watchtower

Mount Tennent Watchtower

Mount Coree Watchtower

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