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Essential Services Carrier Agnostic Connectivity for Rapid Deployment Command Centres

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Automated System Boosts Operations and Communications for New South Wales State Emergency Services with Exceptional Connectivity Provision

Automated System Boosts Operations And Communications

Rising Connection provides carrier-agnostic telecommunication connectivity solutions combining multiple Australian mobile carriers and ISP providers into a single secure network connection. Our services have supported the New South Wales State Emergency Services (NSW SES) in their evolving need for remote situational awareness and communication services in challenging locations.

The Communications Challenge

The diverse landscape of Australia makes it challenging to achieve high-quality network coverage in all locations. From isolated regions and extreme temperatures to rugged terrain and terrestrial obstructions, getting a fast, reliable and secure signal is not guaranteed.

NSW SES includes first responders such as fire, police, and ambulance services and constant monitoring in high-risk locations for floods, storms, tsunamis and bushfires. As many of these services are mobile in cars, trucks, or ambulances, the connection location is constantly changing. A loss of connectivity or a slow and unreliable connection can reduce emergency response times, causing delays and, ultimately, a risk to life.

Rising Connection was approached by Amber Technology on behalf of NSW SES as a specialist provider of professional-grade wireless electronic solutions across Australia. We were tasked to develop and supply a multicarrier-capable solution optimised for agnostic and diverse connectivity, specifically for the new SES Mobile Incident Command Centre (SES MICC). The solution would be required to dynamically support all emergency agencies within NSW and other organisations as needed.

Rising Connection’s Solution

Rising Connection joined in for several meetings with NSW SES to listen to their concerns and past experiences with other technology partners. We were invited to supply a fresh approach, so we designed our solution from the ground up. Our team used Rising Connection’s in-house developed methodologies to focus on security, reliability, remote monitoring and mobile support.

We chose equipment from Peplink (Peplink, Pepwave and PepXIM) for the network infrastructure and system management, combined with virtualised services connected within the Amazon Web Services suite (AWS). We have taken advantage of better-than-best technologies, enabling us to combine multiple sources and ISPs into a single resilient network connection for the SES MICC, designed for Australia’s diverse environment and the terrain’s challenges.

The SES MICC can now benefit from robust, fault-tolerant communications and data connectivity with failsafe contingency, which is essential to their performance.

The Result

Automated System Boosts Operations And Communications Server
Rising Connection’s solution ensures that a uniform methodology can be applied in any situation or location required, including mobile operations across challenging terrain. We allow NSW SES the highest possible connectivity and the broadest options, yet still provide a familiar site interface with integrated monitoring

Within Australia’s harsh environment, Rising Connection’s solutions for essential services, emergency services, and first responders ensure robust, fault-tolerant communications and data connectivity is available at all times.

On a recent deployment for NSW SES, the SES MICC was sent to act as the central command centre. The whole deployment was monitored and supported remotely by teams in Sydney and the ground crew. Our system was flexible enough that some capacity was successfully separated to deploy for a remote command support outpost.

Automated System Boosts Operations And Communications Server

What’s Next?

Rising Connection is proud to have brought together for the New South Wales State Emergency Services a dynamic, experienced, professional team. We have developed an exceptional, world-class, integrated and fully scalable solution empowering the organisation to service their needs as well as the needs of many other organisations and interested entities.

NSW SES has deployed in some very challenging remote locations, with additional plans for a fleet of Mobile Incident Command Centres (MICC) that can be deployed statewide or nationally and made available to other agencies. Extensive interest exists throughout the wider emergency services and support teams for these essential communication supportive solutions.

Part of our evolving approach to designing and implementing solutions for harsh environments or sites with difficult-to-access terrain includes making our system components ‘flatpackable’. This meant that suitable installers nationwide could complete most of the deployment with the assistance of remote support from Rising Connection integrators and solution architects.

Our Project Partners and Suppliers

Rising Connection worked with the following professionally selected businesses and organisations:

Our Project Partners And Suppliers In Rising Connection

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