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Right now, we’re all stuck at home. We need Internet access to reach the office, but home connections are not always reliable. So we are going to do something about this and offer a service to the community.

If you already own a Peplink product, we would like to provide you with free SpeedFusion for 90 days so you can work remotely without any extra financial baggage. To enable this, we’re preparing special Firmware for all Balance / MAX / Surf SOHO devices.

You do not need to set up a second endpoint. With this special Firmware, your Peplink devices can connect to SpeedFusion Cloud. The service consists of a number of SpeedFusion endpoints we’re hosting around the world. Wherever you are, the SpeedFusion Cloud will connect your device to the nearest endpoint for unbreakable connectivity.

During the next 90 days, we are offering this as a free service for the Peplink community. We are offering each device a connection to the SpeedFusion Cloud (up to 50Mbps) with a traffic volume cap at 100GB*. We hope that this will help remote employees remain effective, help businesses keep running, help students stay connected for eLearning, and keep people and services connected in these trying moments.

Getting the Special Firmware

With InControl: The special Firmware will appear within your organisation’s Firmware policy options Without InControl: To enable free SpeedFusion on your device, please head to the following link to download the special Firmware:

Enabling Free SpeedFusion Cloud Access

Please provide us with your email and device serial numbers here:

* Final throughput depends on device capacity. If you need more data at faster speeds, we also have connectivity packages available for purchase. But if you are a non-profit organisation or have difficulty to acquiring a connectivity package, please reach our team ( and we’ll arrange something for you.

Specific Steps


Step 1 - Update to Firmware 8.0.2sxxx

– With InControl: Update to Firmware 8.0.2sxxx using IC2.
– Without InControl: Update to Firmware 8.0.2sxxx provided here.
(Firmware Release for SpeedFusion Cloud)

Step 2 - Enter Serial Numbers:

Enter the serial numbers of the devices you wish to enable the SpeedFusion Cloud service for. This page supports 200 devices maximum, so if you have more than that, please use multiple entries.

Step 3 - Receive Confirmation Email:

Once registration is complete, we will send you a confirmation email including license keys.

Step 4 - Apply SpeedFusion License:

– With InControl: InControl will then push the license automatically.
– Without InControl: Apply the license keys from the WebUI by navigating to System > Feature Add-ons.

Step 5 - Enable the SpeedFusion Cloud on the WebUI:

Go to the Network tab on a Balance (Advanced tab on a MAX). Go to the SpeedFusion Section. Appear below the “profiles” section, there will be a “SpeedFusion WAN”. Edit the SpeedFusion WAN, click save and then click “save and apply changes”

Step 6 - Assign Traffic:

Use Outbound Policy to define the traffic you want to protect using the SpeedFusion Cloud.


Manual license activation method

InControl2 activation method

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I hit the 100GB traffic cap or after 90 days?

Once you hit the 100GB traffic cap or after 90 days, the SpeedFusion WAN will disconnect. We will soon announce upgrade licenses to handle higher traffic and longer durations.

Can I terminate/suspend my existing Internet service once it is connected to SpeedFusion Cloud?

No, we leverage existing broadband to provide unbreakable connectivity. This service combines the bandwidth of existing links into a SpeedFusion connection.

Does the device have to be in warranty or have an InControl subscription?

This offer is for all customers, the device does not need warranty or InControl subscription.

My device only supports 2x SpeedFusion profiles and they are both in use. Can I still use the SpeedFusion Cloud service?

Yes you can, the SpeedFusion Cloud does not count towards your device’s peer limit.

How do I make sure the application I want to protect uses the SpeedFusion Cloud?

You can use outbound policy to ensure that traffic from a specific application goes through the SpeedFusion Cloud. Define your source traffic as “any” and select your application under “protocol”. Select “enforced” as your algorithm, and finally select the SpeedFusion WAN as the enforced connection.

Will there be a mechanism to check my SpeedFusion Cloud traffic consumption?

We are currently working on this, and will post here as soon as there is an update.

What SpeedFusion technologies are available on the SpeedFusion Cloud?

The SpeedFusion Cloud supports full Bandwidth Bonding and WAN smoothing.

Will there be a list of SpeedFusion Cloud endpoints to choose from?

The SpeedFusion Cloud will automatically choose the endpoint that is nearest to your device.

Where do I go if I need help with the SpeedFusion Cloud?

Feel free to start a thread in the forum, this place is regularly visited by engineers. Otherwise, you can open a support ticket. (

The team at Rising Connection went to amazing lengths to help understand the challenges and find a solution for us to use, we look forward to an ongoing relationship as we grow

Hugh & Sean

Off Grid Energy Australia

Rising connection came in with an end to end solution, giving us the time and support we needed, the solution has given us the commercial confidence to know we are equipped to deliver the requirements of our customers on time

Allan Dall

NSW General Manager, Barden Produce