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Lithium Portable Energy Storage System

25.2V 100Ah Lilon Portable Energy Storage System Power Pack with Built-in BMS and State of Charge Indicator



• Charger/Inverter Multiplus 24/500-10
• 24V 100Ah MG battery pack
• Battery management controller MG Master LV
• Control display CCGX
• Switch board panel with input and output connectors
• MCB/RCD circuit breaker for AC output
• Ethernet connection port
• CAN connection port. NMEA 2000 compatible
• Rigid Pelican case on wheels for easy transportation
• Remote control over VRM (online portal)
• Bluetooth connectivity to monitor over smartphone
• Configurable protection limits and alarms


• Model Number: LIBM-ESS252100
• Chemistry: Lithium Ion (NMC)
• Battery pack: MG HE 24/100*
• Nominal Voltage: 25.2VDC
Capacity [Ah]: 100Ah
• Power [Wh]: 2520Wh
• Charger: Victron Multiplus 24/500/10
• DC charging current: 10A
• AC Input: 187-265 VAC @ frequency 45-65Hz Power factor:1
• Minimum generator size: 2kVa
• Max AC power @25°C: 500W continuous
• Max. Current: 2A AC
• USB Charger: Dual/10W each port
• Display: Victron CCGX*
• Battery management controller: MG master LV*
• Remote online control: YES (VRM) via ethernet port
• Bluetooth Connectivity: YES
• Dimensions: 445 (W) x 726 (H) x 271 (D) mm
• Weight: 36Kg (approx.)
• Charging Temperature: 0°C to +45°C
• Discharging Temperature: −20°C to +55°C
• Storage Temperature: −20°C to +55°C
• Ingress Protection Rating: IP66

* Refer to its manual for more details.