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MediaFast 750

MediaFast 750

RCM Approval Pending

Lightning Fast Content Delivery. And So Much More.

MediaFast is our supercharged content caching solution. Designed with education and entertainment in mind, it downloads and accelerate video, iTunes U, iOS updates, app download, and other content for uninterrupted learning and fun anytime.


Prefetch. Off-Peak Downloads. Anytime, Anywhere Playback.

Schedule one-time or recurring content downloads during off-peak hours, and then playback downloaded content anytime. Need HD video and other content in places with spotty or congested Internet connections? Download whenever and wherever the connection is best. Then pack up and take the MediaFast anywhere you need seamless content delivery.

Reporting. Insight. On-Demand.

Check bandwidth usage and savings. Track popular URLs and file types. You can also monitor client IP addresses, find your heaviest users, and more, all from a single intuitive interface.

iOS and App Caching.

Managing hundreds of iPads at your campus? The MediaFast can cache iOS updates and app downloads. Download the updates once, and apply to all iPads without consuming extra bandwidth or stressing the network.

Cache. Download x1. Playback x°.

Cache iTunes/iTunes U and other content automatically by domain and file type. With MediaFast, you can download once and play back over and over again, cutting loading time, bandwidth usage and cost. Keep content as long as you like or purge it automatically by file type and age.

SpeedFusion. Bonded Bandwidth. 24/7 Connectivity.

Take advantage of all available connections with SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding and load balancing. Automatic failover keeps your learners learning and teachers teaching, even when a link fails.

InControl2 and AP Controller. Your Network. At Your Fingertips.

Monitor and manage routers, access points, and other connected devices with InControl 2 and AP Controller. Wi-Fi networks are easy to set up, and you get complete control over your entire wireless and wired network from any compatible web browser.


Product Details
• Model : Balance with MediaFast 750
• Product Code : MFA-750-B
• Designed For : School/Campus

• Recommended Users : 500-2000
• Disk Drive : 1TB SSD
• Cache Throughput*2 : 2.5Gbps
• Router Throughput*3 : 1.5Gbps
• Ethernet WAN Ports : 7
• Ethernet LAN Ports : 3 (GE)
• Wi-Fi Interface : No
• USB WAN Modem Port*1 : 1

Core Functionality
• Load Balancing & Failover : Yes
• Load Balancing Algorithms : 7
• Inbound Load Balancing : Yes
• Video Caching : Yes
• Content Caching : Yes
• InControl Cloud Management : Yes
• Docker Container Support : Yes
• Drop-In Mode : Yes

PepVPN/SpeedFusion Functionality
• PepVPN : Yes
• SpeedFusion Hot Failover : Yes
• SpeedFusion WAN Smoothing : Yes
• SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding : Yes
• Number of PepVPN/SpeedFusion Peers : 300
• PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput : 400Mbps

IPsec/L2TP/PPTP VPN Functionality
• IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network) : Yes
• Number of IPsec Tunnels : 150
• L2TP/PPTP VPN Server : Yes
• Recommended PPTP VPN Users : 200

AP Controller Functionality
• Manage Pepwave AP Series : Yes
• Maximum Number of AP Supported : 250
• Manage Remote AP & Multiple Config Profiles : Yes

Advanced QoS Functionality
• Bandwidth Usage Monitor : Yes
• QoS for VoIP and E-commerce : Yes
• User Groups Bandwidth Control : Yes
• Web Blocking : Yes
• Web Filtering Blacklist : Full

• Operating Temperature : 0° – 40°C
• Dimensions : 44 x 431 x 305 mm
• Power Consumption : 70W
• 1U Rackmount : Yes
• High Availability : Yes
• LAN Bypass : Yes


• 1-Year Limited Warranty

Package Content
• MediaFast 750
• Power Cord
• 1 Pair of Mounting Brackets

Ordering Information
• Product Code : MFA-750-B
• Description : Content caching router with 1TB SSD. Supports InControl2, AP Controller and mobile device management.


• Industry leader in both ISP & Data Bonding across multiple technology platforms
• Reliable hardware from entry level professional equipment through to advanced Enterprises solutions
• Worldwide supported and local support here in Australia by fully trained technicians
• Reliable and secure redundancy paths for mission critical sites
• Designed for maximum possible business uptime