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Metal Rack

Metal Rack

SD-Power Management Unit


• For Use With: SD-PMU, SD-PMU-LTE

• Rack Size: 19 in / 482 mm

• Rack Height: 1U (1.75 in / 44.4 mm)

• Half-rack decks: 2x 1/2U decks

• Material: Painted Metal

• Paint Color: Black

• Weight: 1 kg


Product Code : ACW-741
Description : Metal rack, 6x screws


Why Rising Connection is using equipment designed and built by Peplink?

• Industry leader in both ISP & Data Bonding across multiple technology platforms
• Reliable hardware from entry level professional equipment through to advanced Enterprises solutions
• Worldwide supported and local support here in Australia by fully trained technicians
• Reliable and secure redundancy paths for mission critical sites
• Designed for maximum possible business uptime

This demonstrates to Rising Connection that you will have the Quality, Reliability and Product Support.